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Hello folks!
Did anyone try Jay Robb diet programme? What is it like? Thanks for information!


Hello there,
If you are a gym fan, than Jay Robb diet programme is appropriate for you, otherwise not. Jay Robb focuses on appearance and muscle tone. He demands restrictive diets, supplements and weight lifting. Well, his programme is not for me, but it works for some people- for those, who can exercise and eat under Jay Robb regime. I cannot, maybe you can ļ


I actually just did the 3-Day Fruit Flush diet using his whey protein powder. I was already in good shape before but was starting to eat too many carbs and wanted a fresh start to a better diet.

After three days I dropped almost nine pounds, of course it was not all fat! But, I was already drinking a psyllium husk drink once or twice a week, so my weight loss was not just from cleaning out the colon.

Please note that I also run 4-5 miles 6 days a week, but I only did one hour walks for the three day diet.

I'll definitely do the fruit flush when I need to get back on track, but will now get back to a reasonable diet with much less pasta and bread and more raw fruits and vegetables, whey and other proteins and good fats from fish and flax oil.

Personally I think Robb's focus is more on whole body health and raw foods with the help of beneficial supplements like whey protein and sweet dairy whey.

Just get out and walk or run for 30-45 minutes, eat reasonably and get the best proteins, carbs and fats with an occasional treat!

Good luck!