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Hey, I just turned 16 last week and I was thinking of weight lifting. I was just about to start when a friend of mine told me that I will stop growing the day I start weight lifting, is this true. I am 5,9 will this effect me


Absolutely true. And if you wear a hat, that reduces your growth rate accordingly.

Dude, was your friend serious? I know that the best weightlifters are short and squat, but that is like the best ballerinas being tiny.

Do you think they stopped growing because they started doing ballet?!!!

Not that I encourage violence, but when you put on 20lb of toned muscle, at least you'll be able to dump him in the nearest fishpond!

I mean, really!

Pump your system full of hormones, that will have an effect, up, down, sideways, so no, don't confuse or abuse your body chemistry.

But lifting a weight? Please. Bear in mind that a blade of grass can break through concrete, water can split rock.

Do you seriously think your body is going to notice because you spend a few minutes or an hour lifting some weight?

I have more faith in aliens being real, than your friend being right - but then Spokl here thinks he might have a point, so what do I know?