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Ok so to start things off, I am a 20 year old female, very fit (about 5'5 and 120 pounds) although I do tend to eat a significant amount of junk food from time to time.. I also recently have been having some severe cases of panic and anxiety, all the while feeling some very real symptoms (lump in throat, chest pain, rapid heart beat, headaches, numbness and weakness of hands and occasionally not being able to catch my breath.) But for the last few weeks, I have been almost symptom free, and have experienced zero chest pain.. However, a few nights ago, I started noticing that the pain in my chest was back, and scaring me all over again.. I dont know exactly how to explain what it feels like, but almost burning at some times, and aching at others..It's in the upper left part of my chest, almost on the side of my chest near my underarm, but sometimes I can feel it down near my ribs and under my breast. It's almost always there, although it feels more distinct when I move a certain way, and I can feel it when I swallow food.. I also have some pain in the upper left part of my back, so I didnt know if maybe this was muscle related.. Because I've had chest problems before (with my anxiety) I have gotten 2 EKG's done, both which have turned up nothing, aside from a small heart murmer, which the doctors have said is harmless.. After my 2nd EKG, the doctor (simply to ease my mind) suggested that maybe I get a Echocardiagram, where they take 70 or 80 pictures of my heart to see if everything is working properly.. I have not gotten those results yet, although I took the test over 10 days ago.. My hope is that the news was good, and that's why they havent called.. I guess my question is simply what anyone might think could be going on with me.. I'm a very nervous person, and it doesnt take a lot to scare me, especially when it regards my health.. Even if it's something as simple as a gas problem or something minor.. I appreciate any help you guys can give me, and I thank you in advance.

Also, yesterday I started feeling a few small twinges in my chest.. Nothing that hurt, and nothing that lasted more than a minute or two, but just something I thought I'd mention.! Thanks again.


I'm having the same issues. The chest/throat/middle back pain started one morning, I had a panic attack that night, and all the way through the next night I'm still experiencing the dull achy pain that is sharp when I move certain ways/swallow/eat or drink in my chest/back/throat... the doctors at the ER thought it was all anxiety given my history of depression/anxiety/panic attacks but all of that I thought had been managed a long time ago.  It's strange that these lingering symptoms haven't gone away and I'm very confused as well as to what may be causing it... after all I'm 22 years old, female, in the normal BMI range, in overall good health, but I smoked for a year and quit, drink alcohol, have been on birth control but not recently, eat like a college student, stay broke and busy... so there's lots going on but I don't understand what could cause this pain to manifest itself the way it is.