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Hello guys,

I get this question from time to time and my answer often changes. I'm interested in what you think, and I mean I will use the best of what you tell me as opinions.

So, what do you think, does all sex even oral sex need to be protected.

Thanks. People think working with students or clients is easy. You've probably been asked a question now and then, but imagine you're asked ten to on hundred questions a week? (some clients come in with yellow pads full of questions. Some a foolish (the questions) and others are a matter of "life and death."

I'd love to tell college kids (and older clients under 45, after that it's like hitting your penis against a brick wall? I also don't want to know about the latest spot they found on their ass. I'm not an M.D. so ass spots are not part of my job....... THANK GOD!! I do see plenty of young people.

(I'm debating telling you a joke. My question is NO JOKE, but this joke I love:

A teacher in a Sex Ed course asks her students how many basic sexual positions there are for two people. And he gets everything from six to sixty. Then, from the back of the room someone yells out, "there are 386 positions."
The teacher figures he has a comedian in back, and ignores it. He says, it you read your text book you will see that current experts believe there are 96 sexual positions, for two people. Again from the back someone shouts 386 positions.

Once again he decides to ignore the comedian and says, "The most common position is the Missionary Position with the man on top facing the woman, and penetration follows.

From the back of the room the same guy screams 387 positions.

Just the way I relieve tension in groups, and try to get them to relax.


thats a funny joke lol.

as for your question, i personally dont use protection for oral, i basically use protection for pregnancy issues, other than that i know my girl is clean. if i change partners and am not sure, or go for a one night stand, i`ll definitley use a condom for oral. (maybe)