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Hey. I just started a new topic and it is about meat allergy. Just now I was talking with my friend who is having this problem and she told me that she went to see her vet again about this issue. He told her that this can be treated but that is very important for her to find the best protein source for her dog. That is why she called me. To ask me what is the best protein source.

I don’t have an idea :/ I told her that I will try to help her but as I already told you, I don’t know a lot about it.

Can you tell me what to feed a dog with meat allergy and what are the best protein sources for him?

Tnx a lot!



Yes the similar topic but I have the same answer – you need to find out on what meat your dog is allergic at. But generally I can give you some tips. Because there are some foods that are the most common when your dog is having meat allergy.

But ok, there are several foods that you can feed your dog with such as dairy, wheat, eggs, soy and maybe fish.

You need to know that most of dogs are usually allergic to more than one thing.

Let your vet do some tests and let him tell you on what meat your dog is exactly allergic to.


Good luck with it :)



Hello dear pet lovers. My dog is allergic to turkey and beef since he was very small. Luckily, I found that out early so he didn’t have any consequences. My vet did a lot of tests and he found out this. Since that day (and that happened four years ago) he ate a piece of turkey one year for the Thanksgiving day. I had a medicine that my vet prescribed him “just in case” and I am sure that this medicine saved his life. About the protein source, I am totally sure that eggs are the best solution for your dog.



Hey there.

I am really sorry to hear this. My dog has no allergies so far and I hope that this will be just like this for the rest of his life. My friend has a dog that is allergic to a lot of different ingredients. I think that the meat is one of them – beef I think. It is very hard because you need to take care what your is dog eating all the time - you need to keep your eyes on him for 24 hours.


I believe that she was feeding him mostly with corn, yeast and wheat. It is very surprising that dogs are not naturally allergic to those ingredients. And all of those ingredients you can use in your dog’s recipes.



Hello. I answered to a similar topic a few minutes ago. All you need to do is to be very careful and don’t let him to eat some meat that he is allergic to. Consult your vet. Ask him to make you a food list that you can use in this situation and food list that you need to avoid. Also – I forgot to mention it in my previous post, you need to ask your vet to give some medications for your dog just in case if he take some meat that he is allergic to. You need to have them.



Hello everyone.

So I went to see my vet two days after my dog was diagnosed with meat allergy. I was talking with my vet about it.

I told him that you told me that I need to do some tests and analysis to see what meat my dog is allergic at.

He looked me significantly lol :)

He did it and today he told me that tests are done. My dog is allergic to beef. I don’t remember that I was feeding him with beef :/

He told me that I should try to feed him with corn because that is one of the best protein soruces.

I will try.



Hey guys.

I am back again. I was at the business trip and I need to tell you that I missed you guys. So much.

Now about your question, I have a dog but I am a new dog owner so I really don’t know that much about it.

But I was reading that wheat and soy are probably the best protein source for your dog and that they are good substitute for meat.

I am not sure since I am not a huge fan of soy and I would never give it to my dog.

But maybe if I had this situation I would try.

Good luck :)