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What are the best diabetes diets that work best on the blood sugar level? I thought about becoming a vegetarian after everything I've read about red meat and its effect on my cholesterol level and how diabetics have to be careful about their cholesterol because they could also end up with narrowing of the arteries and high blood pressure. I don't really want to give up red meat though. I'd like to find a balance. Oh and I love chocolate! The dark stuff. Is there a diet that would also let me have that?


The best diet is what your dietician or doctor recommended for you.  It is best to follow the carbohydrates that were allotted for you.  And the best news is that you can have your dark chocolate! I wouldn't use up more than 15 grams of your carbohydrate count on dark chocolate but that should be enough to curb your craving.  Red meat can be still in your diet as well just as long as you choose lean choices like ground chuck, perhaps buffalo meat if your supermarket carries it.  Your meat counter clerk can help you with selecting the best meat without all the saturated fat.