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I'm 13 years old, and I have some questions about my, well... private parts. See, when I was little, my parents never really told me about the "pull back your foreskin and wash your penis" thing, and I found out about it about a year ago. I have been washing since then. But now, when I pull my foreskin far enough back, some white stuff is on my penis. It looks kinda like a mold, But I can wash it off. I have been masturbating, so it could be dried sperm, but it could also be something else. I've never had sex though, so it's definetily no STD. And it isn't smelly either. Anyone know what it might be?


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It's called smegma and you'll be cleaning that darn stuff out of there for the rest of your life. Good news though, it becomes a lot less by the time you need a walker.