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I am planing to start working out from home. Mainly body exercises . What do i need from equipment? Should i play music while working out and stuff like that. 

I need tips and tricks to be as efficient as possible. If anyone can share their experience that would be great. Thanks.


I am working out at home here my tips and tricks about working out home

  • Make a schedule and stick to it no matter what (sometimes I didn't feel like working out so i would say "Meeh, I'll do it in an hour " and I would end up not doing the workout that. Make a specific schedule and think of it as you are going to a fitness class in a gym and can't be late
  • Play some good beats  ( I thinks this keeps you distracted and amused. It also simulates gym enviroment )
  • Have a spreadsheet or a tracker! (writing down your physical activity is one of the most important things. There will be times when you will get bored and lose motivaton. During those times you need to pull out your diary and look at everything you've done and how far you've come. It will be a motivation booster. 
  • Get interval timer  (these timer are of real great help to time your repetitions and rest times, this is also essential for organization)
  • Get sticky notes and write your milestones on them (I have a wall of achievements on stickies. For instance  I would write a sticky "200 push ups" and leave an empty checkbox and date on it. Once I would complete the milestone I would proudly put checkmark on the box and a date below and give my self a good pat on the back. 
  • Keep raising the bar ( Once you aproach your milestone make sure you write another one, even higher. This way you won't run out of goals)
  • Take selfies or your progress ( Seeing your progress on your body is one of the best motivations. Take a photo after working out every week and stash it somewhere. When you lose motivation open these photos and give it a glance. 
  • Write some motivational quotes 





Thank you! I'll keep your tips in my mind :) for sure