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Just how bad is drinking Coca Cola for your health — and what cool things can you use coke for instead?

What Does Coca Cola Do To Your Teeth?

The Cocal Cola company itself (somewhat ironically?) reminds us of the importance of good dental hygiene practices, on its UK website. It warns: "Any food or drink that contains fermentable carbohydrates (sugars and starches), including calorific sparkling drinks, can play a role in the development of tooth decay (caries and cavities). Also, any food or drink that is acidic has the potential to play a role in enamel erosion. Through good dental hygiene and other health practices, you can help reduce the risk of tooth decay and erosion."
True enough, as is the site's reminder that the fact that sugary drinks leave the oral cavity much more quickly than, say, a boiled sweet does mean that they don't do nearly as much damage to the teeth as you might expect. 
It's just as well that coke leaves your mouth quickly — while it doesn't actually dissolve teeth within 24 hours as some people like to claim, teeth that don't have the protective benefits of saliva because they're outside the mouth do indeed sustain extensive damage if left in a coke bath for a day. Check YouTube if you want to see this for yourself. Meanwhile, remember you don't have to pull your tooth out and leave it in a glass of coke for you to have dental issues because of your Coca Cola habit. The Coca Cola company is right: consume lots of acidy, sugary stuff and you need to brush your teeth pronto.

Coca Cola Lowers Sperm Health?

Coca Cola may once have been seen as a potential cure for impotence, but the idea that Coca Cola can lower men's sperm health was investigated several times, the first being in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1985. Then, a 1987 study conducted at the Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan reported that drinking Coca Cola reduces sperm motility (movement) just a bit, and a 2010 Danish study concluded that drinking 32 ounces of coke a day or more could reduce a man's sperm count by as much as 30 percent. Men who are trying to conceive may want to think twice before drinking lots of Coca Cola, in other words.

Finally, The Caffeine

Coke, as you know, contains rather a bit of caffeine: 64 mg per 12-ounce can. This is actually not as big of a deal as you may expect — while too much caffeine can cause rapid heart rates and constricted arteries, up to 400 mg per day seems to be safe for most healthy adults. Do take your cola consumption into account when calculating your overal daily caffeine intake, however.
Everyone is, of course, aware that Coca Cola should be considered to be an occasional guilty pleasure and not a health food. Does that mean you should avoid having the stuff in your home? Not at all. 
Coca Cola has numerous weird, wonderful and truly effective "off-label" uses, and you'll read about the best of those on the next page.
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