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You don’t feel like eating healthily, and there are plenty of non-diet friendly foods everywhere. Don’t use this as an excuse to slip up though - there are plenty smarter summer snacks options available.

Summer Snacking Guidelines

As soon as the Sun comes out, and the evenings start getting longer, everyone’s in the mood for Summer. Many people see Summer as a disaster in terms of diet though, as there are plenty of potential Summer foods just waiting for you to give in to them, and blow your diet. Ice cream, sandwiches, alcohol, pastries and cakes are all classic Summer foods that are packed with calories, contain little to no nutrients and won’t do your waistline any good whatsoever.

Get yourself a good quality burger with a high meat content – preferably 95 percent or higher. Cook it on the grill until it’s done to your liking, then place it between two crisp, firm lettuce leaves. This works amazingly well – the leaves give it a great crunch, mean you can hold it like a burger, and you won’t miss the bun at all. For dressings, add some deli mustard, hot sauce, or some low sugar ketchup.

By now you should hopefully realize that Summer dieting shouldn’t be an issue, in fact, be grateful! There is so much tasty, healthy food on offer during the Summer months, that you can make your diet healthier, and even more delicious than normal, simply by swapping your normal food for some smart Summer snacks.