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Hi, i need some help. I am 16 years old, 17 in 5 months and im serious about begining weightlifting. i am short and skinny, 162 centimetres and my weight is 53 Kilograms. I have skinny arms and i dont like my body. I eat alot but it just doesnt show, my question is how do i start weightlifting, like where do i begin. Will weightlifting work for me & is protein a good idea, also how long does i take to begin seeing results. I want to bulk up and have shape.


Follow this link to start weightlifing:

As for protein, be leery of protein drinks. They have ingredients in them that aren't healthy for you. Eat a lot of healthy food during the day. As you gain muscle, you may want to eat more. This isn't a bad thing. Just make sure that you're getting a lot of greens and enough fruit, whole grains, fish and more white meats than red meats.