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Ok, I am a 17 year old male and lately I have noiced when my penis is not erect for some reason my foreskin does not flly cover the head of my penis, and for some reason I have felt that the head of my penis is getting very dry and its slightly painful to touch due to the friction from my clothes,

Can Anyone help me wth how I sort this

Note: I don't think its the size

Thank you


Your foreskin does not have to fully cover the head of the non-erect penis. This is normal because every time you had an erection, the foreskin got stretched a little bit, eventually resulting in loose skin. Also, you are at an age when a surge in testosterone causes your penis to grow larger, but the foreskin remains the same size. This is like wearing clothes that no longer fit. Wearing tight briefs will help reduce the friction that causes the pain.