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My girlfriends 2 year old nephew who is a boy has been taking his clothes off and touching his rectal area a lot. We are concered that he might be sexually abused by someone. I dont know if we should be concered or if this is normal for a 2 year old boy. And also once his mom takes him out and brings him back the next day he sleeps for a very long time. And his anus is very red. Please give me some feedback


From personal experience I can say the taking the clothes off is VERY normal. We have a 3 year old...and he does the same thing. Sometimes it seems that you are talking to him, turn around to look at something - and when you turn back to him he is naked. We laugh because we don't know how he does it so fast!

Is he still in diapers? I think a MUCH more likely explanation for the redness - and the touching - is some type of diaper rash. Try some A&D ointment and I bet both issues (redness and touching) will be resolved. If it persists for a week or so after using the A&D ointment as directed on the tube I would have a doctor check it out...but I predict you won't have to!

Good luck!