I am so confused as to how to help my sponsee anymore !! Now she is pregnant ! A one time thing with a fellow member @ AA, one that is NOT the type to have a child with. Now there is a restraining order to keep him away from her. He has no idea of the pregnancy. He already has 3 children he has nothing to do with.

My worries are not that though ~ I know that while drinking very heaviliy as she has been, taking her bi-polar medication, the worst I fear is that she has been using street drugs too ! Her very immature state of mind and troubled life is difficult enough for her.

Snorting cocaine, smoking crack & god knows what else. :'(
She is just about 8 wks. She has asked me what I feel she may have done to her baby already. I do not know what to say to her, I really do not know.

She needs to decide quickly what she is going to do. But the determined health of this child has a big part of that. She may give the child up for adoption.

But she is so lost and so am I .. please advise what the possibilities may be.

Thanking you for the sake of an unborn innocent child ?