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Hi There

My first day of period was 21 feb o8 and had sex on the 5 march 08 and since 13 march 08 i been getting lower to groin cramps, bloating for a few days and clear discharge today. I did not use protection and period not ue for another 5 days. took test this morning and was neg, am i preg and testingto early?.


I would definitely wait a week or 2 to take another test. I took 2 tests about 8 days after unprotected sex and taking the morning after pull and they came back negative. I started feeling bloated and cramps 2 weeks later, thinking it was my period I waited a few days and it never came. Took 3 pregnancy tests and they all came back positive. So be on the safe side go to planned parenthood or a doctor or wait another wrk then take a test. Get the good one by ept that says pregnant or not pregnant to be sure. The other test I took with the lines wasnt that accurate. If I wouldve only taken that one I'd never had known before it's too late to do something about it.