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I'm a gay guy who likes to bottom, but every time my guys goes a bit deeper or puts it in all the way, i get abdominal cramplike pain. Whe use plenty of lube, and foreplay he has an average sized penis and it even happens when he goes really slow... 

Why is this and how can I prevent it from happening? 

I really would like te be able to take my boyfriend  al the way...


my man, you should do an enema before you have anal sex.


you must consult a gastro-specialist.

case 2: WHAT'S ENEMA?

get an enema kit from the internet, read all the instructions thoroughly, and carry out the procedure 1/2 hr before you let your man insert his penis into your anus.

when you do enema, make sure you've emptied all your bowels and the last stream of water runs out clear as a fountain.

this is when you apply an anal sphincter relaxer spray and get your man to apply penile lubricant over his erect penis.

have a great butt penetration and do tell me your fresh experience. :-)



We always use plenty of lube and foreplay, that's not the problem.

The idea that it is indeed necessary to do an enema every time before anal sex is quite ridiculous.
I don't plan beforehand when we'll be having sex or who will be bottoming, it would take all the spontaneity and fun out of it!
According to my doctor, using an enema often could even have health risks, upsetting the balance of the colon and possibly even creating a dependency. It should only be used when prescribed by a doctor.
So thanks, but no thanks

Anyway, I've presented my question to my doctor and it seems my anal canal is a bit shorter than average, witch causes my partner to hit the wall, so to speak, of the rectum ( where the rectum joins the sigmoid colon I'd imagine)

Not much to be done about it. I must day it doesn't hurt as often as it did anymore.
Maybe I'm getting used to it and relaxing more, but it's seems it only hurts on occasion.