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I have pubic hair that is reddish blond exactly like my hair on my head.

Lately I have been noticing that on the top of my head of pubic hair
(the part that starts forming a little hair-line going up to your belly button)
, when I forget to shave, the pubic hairs in that region are an alarmingly deep shade of black and are extremely thick.

I stopped shaving and waited for the hairs to grow for further examination of the abnormality. I found that the hair going up to my belly button was scattered, not one hair near another, all of the hairs going in completely different directions, and all curiously thick and BLACK. I have never had black hair, I am a Scottish girl, you see.
On my alabaster skin it something out of a scary movie, how the hairs grow unruly and black on top of my other pubic hairs that are reddish blond.
I am scared of them! What if I do not shave one night and I have my guy over and he sees any of it if I forgot to shave? When my college athletic team makes me test my body fat percentage or if a coach does a quick pinch BF% test on me, what if I forget to shave and it is all black?
Even when I do shave you can see the follicles under my skin because of how light my skin tone is.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Your probably just growing to types of color hair. I wouldn't say that the black hairs are abnormal and the red ones are not. If it makes you feel better some black people have natural blond or brown hair all over or in different parts of the body and its perfectly normal.


:-) dont worry tht happend to me once and im a gymnast but it came as quickly as it went (dont shave too much otherwie it'll grow back quicker and thicker than intended)hope it helps:-)XD