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I had abortion done 2 yrs ago, my Ist abortion after that i had a miscarriage.
Now i have missed my periods for the last 2 months and yesterday i got my Urine checked which showed a negative result.
I was having pills for the last 11 months in 2005 which i stopped having in Dec 05.

Well i want to know that my abortion will be visible in the ULtrasound , if i get it done now and WILL I BE PREGNANT.
NOW WAT SHOULD I DO as i am not preg and not having my periods.


Your question is very unorganized, so I do not honestly know what you are asking!!

BUT I think you want to know "Will a doctor be able to tell I had an abortion 2 years ago?" NO THEY CANNOT TELL!!!!

If you are not pregnant you need to see a gynecologist to figure out what is wrong with your cycles!