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my son is 9 years old.when he was 6 ,he was diagnosed with adhd,add,and odd.six months ago he was diagnosed with vocal is affecting his learning ability very badly.he is in the third grade doing work at a first grade level.what can be done to help him


First off, I suggest you supplement him with omega-3's. Research now suggests that the rise in cognitive, behavioral, and psychotic disorders is due to the striking omega-3 deficiencies. I suggest Nordic Naturals brand, which has several different varieties for children.

Research has also found that some children don't actually have ADD; instead, they're hyped up on sugar. If his diet is mostly sugar-based and processed, change his diet to one of whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables, raw dairy, and organic food. If you want to bake something or sweeten something, try using xylitol, which has a glycemic index of 7, versus sugar which is about 70. I suggest Emerald Forest brand. You can also go with raw, local honey (although, don't cook it, as that will ruin the honey).

You can also try putting him on something called Juice Plus. This is a whole food supplement made from organic fruits and vegetables. It's loaded with essential nutrients that will likely assist your son in what he's dealing with.

Try each of these things for a while. If he's still showing trouble, try working with an expert for your son.