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I want to know safest and easiest remedy for premature ejaculation. 


befor you go putting drugs into your body try useing the withdraw method. you simply feel the urge coming and you stop and withdraw then to place the thumb at the back of the pennis under the head and then at the front use one finger.

it might throb a bit but they say it reduces the natural motion and you simply try that a few times , so every time you feel the urge stop and then start again,, or do some foreplay befor you continue.

talk to your partner, they might be more understanding then you think.

also the practice of stopping the flow of urine and then starting it is also a way to build better muscle control, it will strengthen your muscles and help you have a healthier life down there. (body building .HA) < sorry bro i was serious thou. :)

hope this helps.