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Evening folks,

anyone tried 17 day diet book? Is it useful, is it a literature if you want to lose weight? I am thinking about visiting some bookstore tomorrow, but I am not sure yet. I think I can find a plan for the Cycle 1, but I don't know can I find plan for the Cycle 2 on the internet? Do you have any idea how much do I need to pay for this book?

I am going to buy it if it has any positive effects on weight lose.  Tell me about your experience and your advice.



Hello you,

I have tried this book, and I must say that you can find very nice recipes there. I have a copy of this 17 day diet book, it was a gift from my friend . She told me that I have to lose weight ASAP :)

Really nice friend, right? :)

I was cooking some recipes from this book, and I must say they are pretty amazing. One more amazing thing is that you don't need a lot of time to prepare it.  Yes, you need to cook, but you will love it, I just know it! You have all my support!




How is going on in here?

I have this book, but I must say that I am not that trill with it. Basically, it is OK, it has a nice recipes, but that is all. Yes, it is useful, but most of these things you can find online. I don't see why are you so obsessed with it.  It is good for your book's collection, but I think that you will never take it to from the shell to see some recipe. That is my opinion, because I have it and this book collects dust on the shell :)

Have a nice day!