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OK, I know that a lot of them will tell you that you need to buy a book to follow this 17 day diet, but I am very sure that you can do it even if you don't have this book. Of course, it is always nice to read this interesting book, but if you want to start to follow some diet, you should do it, no matter do you have a book or not.

So, if you don't have a book yet, you can find first cycle of this diet on a Facebook page. Some girl wrote there all details for Cycle one, and I think this is a great solution for everyone who wants to try it out without having or reading the book.

Do you agree?



Thank Good I found this discussion! I really thought I was alone in this diet :).

Just now I was posting about how I love this diet, and I asked : do I need to buy a book with all these wonderful recipes. Guess not :). So it is true, there is really whole Cycle one on the facebook.

But, what about Cycle 2? I guess I have to buy a book if I want to switch to the second cycle.  Can I find on this page some great recipes, too?

This is amazing advice! It is so helpful!

Tnx a lot girl!