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so far, this is the best diet and it really works, of course, if you eat what Dr tells you to eat. One advice – don't cheat. You must admit that it makes you feel so much better knowing what you eat.

I found a lot of advice on the internet, and I have found a lot of great tips in here as well. Thank you!

I was wondering do you have any good recommendations for 17 day diet cookbook? Where to buy, how much to pay?

Do you owe a copy of 17 day diet cookbook with amazing recipes?



Hi there,

I am very glad that this diet is the best one for you so far. I want to suggest to you to buy this 17 day diet cookbook, where you can find over 80 new recipes for weight loss.  Based on the New York Times, this is the best selling book, so you won't regret, that is for sure. In this book you can find revolutionary diet program, that you might like even more than „regular' 17 day diet.

I am pretty sure you will  enjoy in these delicious and healthy recipes that is going help you lose your weight fast.

Keep in touch!



Yes, I am very positive about this diet as well! I am glad that I have your support.

I was thinking, maybe I can follow this diet without a book, but again, it would not harm to me to buy it right?

Somehow, I think this is the right diet for me. Today, I made very delicious peppers with chicken meet. Maybe this is not the recipe from 17 day diet book, but it is healthy and fat free.

Over 80 recipes? That is a great news. One more step closer to buy a book :).

Thanks for your help!