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Hi guys,

can you recommend to me some websites, where I can find some great 17 day diet book online for free to download? I need a book with a lot of recipes, some great advices, tips and rules. I need a book where I can find what exactly I can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

I know I can buy it, and that these books are not so expensive. But, frankly, I want to get it for free.

I could really use a great book recommendation right now.

So, If there is any link where I can find any 17 day diet book for free, let me know.




I still think that the best option is to buy a book. That is my opinion. The books are not expensive, at all. You need to pay about 15$ for it!

There are a lot of websites that offers you a 17 diet book for free. But, some of them are just false. So, be careful when you start searching for an e-book. If you download some unauthorized book, you can lose more than you can gain.

Second option, maybe the best, is to download free recipes at Google store, on your smart or android phone. You should try it.

Good luck!