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I need to know if crunches are as effective as a full situp. I have a pretty bad neck problem, and it is a lot easier on me to do the crunches in place of the full situp. Also I need to know if there is another way to work the abs without doing either one. The crunches are rough on my neck as well, and I was wondering bout like flutter kicks, or the thing where you like lift your legs up to your body while hanging.


Well, the main difference between sit-up and crunch is that sit up will work the abdominals much like the crunch, but it will also work other parts of the body such as legs and back. And because you have mentioned your neck problem sit ups are better but then again maybe you should check if you are performing exercise correctly. Sometimes neck problems are caused by exercises which are done wrong. And the alternative way to work your abs is swimming. This is a great sport which tones up all your muscles and it should be beneficial for your neck problems as well. And swimming gives you a great strengthening workout. So if you haven't tried this sport I would recommend that you do. And if your neck problem still continues maybe you should try some massage. It will be great relaxation for all your muscles. Please let me know if you have decided to try swimming as an alternative to the gym.