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I am a migraine patient. I am having a back pain. I went through a MRI scan for the backbone pain and come to know, that the backbone is slightly curve.

Before 1 year, back I was having the same problem but not knowing that my backbone is slightly curve. I went through an acute back pain that time and not able to take breathe. Finally, I went to hospital and doctor has given me steroid injection then I got relief from that pain.

Again, last Year I have that problem and come to know my backbone is bit curve. That time I took Voveron tablets and doing some exercise and few more tablets, I took.

I do not have any asthama or sinus problem. Again, this time I am having same problem. I took Voveron , it reduce pain but not feeling well. Feeling uneasiness and not able to take breathe properly. Feeling stressed out. Taking deep breathe sometimes, not able to drive, not able to walk fastly. Sometimes getting pain on my chest and also in my left arm or only my left leg.


I strongly suggest you see a chiropractor. You may be experiencing all three symptoms--migraine, back pain and breathing difficulties--due to spinal subluxations, or mis-alignment. Look up which chiropractors in your area are covered by your insurance and give them a call. Also see which ones will work with you off insurance and for how much. (Most companies only cover for about 15 visits and many patients need more than 15 visits.) Also be sure that the chiropractor takes x-rays of your entire skeleton.