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hi, i constantly have a really bad headache and neckache should i be worried and what could this be


It could be stress, but it sounds like it's also at least spinal subluxations. These occur when the individual vertebrae of the spine go out of alignment. It's very common. It's not usually life-threatening or horribly debilitating, but it can cause muscle aches, headaches and pain, such as you're describing.

I would definitely see a chiropractor. Find out which chiropractors in your area are covered by your insurance. Also, find out which doctors have an off-insurance plan. Most insurance plans only cover about 15-20 visits a year and some people need more than that; therefore, many chiropractic offices provide plans for the patient to pay out of pocket without insurance. Sometimes this can be cheaper than insurance, so do a little shopping and find out which doctor is best and has the best plan.