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I enjoy the taste of honey, but whenever I eat raw a/o comb honey my throat feels like it is on fire. It overwhelms my concentration for a few minutes afterwards and even makes talking strained. Yet I do not experience that effect when I eat spun honey. My husband and I enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine of which many dishes, especially desserts, call for honey. Am I harming my throat? Should I avoid honey altogether? :-( THX, Wendy

BTW: My research to date only indicates the benefits of local honey in fighting allergies.


Wendy I love honey as well but my body is not saying to me that I should stop eating it. And clearly yours is trying to send you a message. If your throat feels like it is on fire every time when you are eating raw or comb honey than it would be best to stop. Since you love honey so much you can still enjoy it. There is liquid honey which has been filtered to remove fine particles, pollen grains, and air bubbles. And then it has been heated to melt visible crystals after being extracted from the honey comb. Liquid honey mixes easily into a variety of foods so whenever you are enjoying Middle Eastern cuisine emphasize that you want liquid honey instead of raw or comb honey. Maybe after first few times you stop to notice the difference and again you will be enjoying in your favorite deserts.