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Girlfriend and I were fooling around during the first of the month.  I remember adjusting myself twice, and possibly had dry pre cum on my fingers.  A bit later, I fingered her and got about an inch and a half inside her.

Bearing in mind that I peed earlier that day, hadn't ejaculated since the night/two nights? before (masturbation), and dried pre cum is all I possibly had on my hand.  

She says her body is acting normal, and that everything is at it should be (she's approaching her time of the month), but she randomly had a nose bleed and I read that's a possible sign of early pregnancy.  She also has a stuffed nose and she said it started about 3 weeks ago (half her nose she can't really breathe from), and I read that's possibly a symptom.  She's had no morning sickness, and she seems normal. 


I'm just a huge worry wart, and want to know the chances of me and her becoming virgin parents.  :/




Hi hun! RELAX she is NOT pregnant! IF it was totally fresh sperm and IMMEDIATELY was placed in the same part of the vagina there would be like a 1 in a 100,000 chance! Sperm can NOT be air born - they die immediately! In each ejaculation there are millions of sperm - of course who knows how many there are each time! - so at any given time a drop could contain thousands of viable sperm IF they are implanted into the vagina - thus the penis shaped the way it is and the vagina - it's almost an airtight seal. So when ejaculation happens it pushes the sperm through the hostile Cervix and cervical jelly. Sperm can obviously swim - female sperm are the strongest! (of course ;-)) so you 1st have to have viable healthy sperm, planted at least immediately inside the vagina, then the rest has to happen - swimming up the vaginal wall, through the cervix, into the uterus and then trying to find an egg IF there is one! The chances of this are minimal at best! BUT as soon as it is out in the air, then they dye IMMEDIATELY when it is dry they are DEAD - they can't be revived ;-) so you wont be Virginal parents OK? Just remember to be careful OK - don't let your hormones rule you, you need to take a moment and step back and THINK - if it ever gets over the top! Good luck and health!