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I want to know if there is a cheap muscle gaining vitamin or shake I can use. I really want to gain muscle in the upper body and in my thighs. I've been very interested in gaining muscle and losing weight. I really want more muscle for the girls and just to mainly boost my appearance. I've heard rumors that muscle gainers can also decrease in penis size is this true or only with a certain kind of drug?


Hello ieatfoodz456,

So, you want to muscle, Great!  Yes, supplements can be expensive, however I think you will find that good quality protein shakes say for example that have whey in them run about 30 to 40 cents, yes cents! a serving.  Not bad.  You couldn't buy a steak for that and the whey is better for you.  So, run out and get a container of whey protein and you will build lean muscle in no time.  You should have a shake before you exercise and immediately after or what is called pre- and post-workout.  Good luck on muscle building.