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I had my first positive strep culture in the first week of February, and now 6 weeks later I'm quite frustrated to be on my 3rd round of antibiotics. The first time it was amoxocilin, then erythromycin, and now penicillin. Each time it slowly moved from my throat into my lungs, and then was gone, but within a week, i'd feel it sneaking back up on me.

I've clarified this last one with yet another positive culture, because i was so sure that it must be misdiagnosed mono. I'm also in the process of a move, so I haven't been able to stay with one doctor, the last one i saw suggested having a culture done the day i finish this course of antibiotics, but is it possible to detect it this way? Should i continue having cultures done weekly, bi-weekly? Do I continue about my life, waiting for this horendous disease to plague me again?

If I have another positive culture, should I have my tonsils removed...and how will that affect me later in life (I'm 20 and i travel extensively in developing countries, so i need all the immunity i can get.) I've heard of people having wonderful results with a tonsilectomy, and others who find the strep strives on, tonsils or not. Is there any type of screening or test I should ask to have done before deciding on a tonsilectomy? I'm on 11 different supplements, immune-boosters, name it. I've also quit smoking this time around...but if i get it again, my determination for fighting this will surely fade. It's making me so depressed, I just want to feel sorry for myself, but ofcourse crying is very painful....


If you're not getting infections in any other parts of your body, then maybe
something is reducing the immune strength of your throat. You could have acid reflux without feeling heartburn and without knowing it, and that would certainly weaken your throat. (There are diagnostic tests for acid reflux, or you could try some acid reflux treatments for a few months and see if you stop getting strep.) Another thing that can weaken the throat and not the rest of the body is allergies, either food allergies or environmental allergies. Allergy testing (via blood tests for antibodies) has gotten much more accurate in recent years but it's also expensive and not speedy results. Finally there's the possibility that your whole body has mildly weakened immunity, such as from some dormant or long-term underlying condition and/or viral infection and/or auto-immune condition and/or unhealthy lifestyle and/or stress combining together with some bad luck.

Best wishes.