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hi, i was standing combing my hair when i began feeling something wet between my legs, i pulled my underwear aside when a clear fluid began running (a lot of fluid) down my legs. i am on the pill! what could this be, it does not have a smell nor color. 



First of all were you feeling turned on, because this could just be normal sexual discharge, being very wet down there?

Had you just bathed, could be water trapped ?

Have you had any other symptoms, nausea, dizziness, headaches, hotness? If not then your probably not preg.

If you showered, where you playing with the shower head, were you relieving yourself at any time recent to this happening, if so this is just sexual fluids from your body, keeping in mind, that most discharge from the vagina don't have a smell unless the woman isn't cleanly or if she is sick, if it smells bad then you got dirty things going on down there, or if you had sex and he did it inside of you it would probably smell  unless it's right after sex. This could be from pregnancy but if you have not felt other symptoms yet then I'd say your not because discharge usually occurs after the other symptoms I meantioned above