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I want to know if anyone knows how to count carbohydrates for diabetics?  I am very confused by the whole thing about counting carbohydrates because many things do not have labels on them and I never know if something is a carb unit or gram measurement.  What is a unit = to?  and a gram = to?  I would like a simple way to figure this out and then I can try to menu plan.  My diabetic teacher explained it but I felt stupid asking her to explain it again so I thought I would try it here.  Does any one have a way to help me with this?  I know I can have 3 units at breakfast, 3=4 at lunch, and 3-4 at supper.  I am not sure how to figure foods into this meal plan.  I eat an apple for breakfast with toast right now and I have 2 pieces of bread with meat and a fruit for lunch. For dinner, I eat a meat of some sort and potatoes, and a salad.  Am I anywehre close to where I should be?  Thanks!


Hello, Guest!  This type of counting will be more simple as you do it all the time.  You should get a book that can tell you the carb count of each food.  If you can find one that also shows the carb units, that would be great!  If you have the carb grams, you can figure out the carb units easily.  If you need to, have a calculator handy.  Let's say you have a food item that has 42 grams of carbohydrates.  You will divide 45 grams by 15 grams.  You will end up with 3 carb units.  Anytime you have a total for the carb grams, just divide by 15 to get the carb units. 

Does anyone else have any questions about carbohydrates and carb units?