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Hello, i just started taking biotin, 5000mcg. I just asked my mom about it a couple of hours ago& she let me take it. I am doing some research over it, I happened to look at some of the reviews of this product. I have heard many people got cystic acne from this product, either has caused it or has made it worse. I have no acne problems& i have searched that many times in google, to see if there would be a response saying; oh no acne?? you dont need to worry about getting acne from this product!! yeah, but i got nothing. It was mostly just people who had acne and really bad acne or that the biotin helped their acne. I heard to drink alot of water, so i drank a whole water bottle. Should i drink more than that? Will and can i get acne from this? I dont have any acne problems, i have not had acne since the 5th grade, which was 5years ago for me and that acne was not bad at all. Mostly blackheads. 


Look, when I was using a biotin for hair growth, one very good friend of mine told me that biotin can cause acne for me. I have a clean face, so that scared me the most. So, I did some researches, alone, without consulting a dermatologist, and it seems that I found the information that this supplement is good for acne. I didn't seek any more information. But a couple of months ago, I have noticed that my face is dirty, that my face is not that clean anymore. Sure, I got scared because I would not be able to stand to have a dirty face. So than I went to consult my dermatologist and he asked me do I use any products, etc. So, it seems that biotin is not good for acne.  Why? Because biotin is already naturally produced by the body and when we are taking supplements like this one, that are not necessary, can cause acne.