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I am a 24 year old female who recently was diagnosed with chlamydia. I have known my partner for almost 2 years and started dating a year ago. He was my first and we started having sex just a few months ago  (10 months) and we always used condoms every time except one time I decided to try it without a condom because I'm going to have my period in a few days and there is a slight chance of getting pregnant. BIG MISTAKE! (All I thought about that time is not getting pregnant, BUT... I haven't thought about STD. I did asked him though but he said he only had 1 partner before me.)  It all started about 2 months ago. A few days after my period, I started feeling itchy on my vaginal area. After about 3-5 days I noticed some bumps on my vaginal area between the vaginal opening and the anus (perineal area). I thought it was nothing at first, but the bumps got a little bigger and started to turn to a lesion especially when I can't help but scratch them. I felt pain on my lower abdominal area and I was having vaginal discharge (same consistency as when I'm having my ovulation but more )I called to set up an appointment but the nearest appointment is in a month. I asked a pharmacist what to do to relieve the the symptoms (pain and itching) and she said I can use Preparation H (ointment for hemmorhoids). It helped a lot.  The bumps eventually went away after 2 weeks I believe. 

During my appointment the Dr. said that my vaginal area looks normal and healthy but to be on the safe side she did 3 tests --> pap smear and tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea. After 3 days the office called and said I have chlamydia, they gave me azithromycin 1000g one dose. However, I started having the symptoms again and it hurts. Although, my doctor said it will take about 2 weeks for all the symptoms to go away. So hopefully it works.

Somehow, I want to blame him but it is partly my fault because I was the one who suggested to have sex unprotected and I trust him. I know he didn't cheat on me. Its just that I am or was a virgin and I had relationships in the past but I tried to be smart and save my virginity until I'm ready. Ironically, he is my first and this is happening to me. The embarrassment, pain, anxiety somehow I just can't take it anymore. I just want to be mad at him but he didn't know he had it. He had a gf before me and they have been together for 7 years until she cheated on him with his friend. I definitely got it from him and he got it from her. I do like him, he respects me and said that if I leave him for that reason he would understand. He always treated me well. Now I'm just confused. Should I still stay with him?


Hi Layla,

Why would you leave him over this?  If he knew he had chlamydia then that would be one thing.  

Many men and  never exhibit ANY symptoms if they have chlamydia.  It's called a "silent" epidemic because a lot of people have it and just don't know.

Don't blame your boyfriend.  Look at it this way, you both learned something.  You both know you need to be very careful and use protection and you learned that you can't always tell if your partner has an STD.

Hope it helps.