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Hey everyone,

I'm gonna just say everything I remember so to find if people have the same problem as I have and since I'm going to a physician later this week I might get some insight on something that might be the same problem as the ones who find themselves with the same symptoms. If you passed through the same thing

I Think it all started when I was younger about 12-13 years old, maybe younger, after I started eating any high lactose (dairy) product I would get stomach aches, bubbles (or zits) around the mouth and nose area, diarrhea and somewhat nauseated after consuming anything that had lactose derivatives, this got significantly better after I started consuming Soy based products instead of Lactose derivatives and products, so at first I thought I was lactose intolerant, something I still don't know.

About 2 years I changed my diet a bit for the worse, I started waking up way past 3 PM due to workacademic schedules and I stopped eating midday meal (sorry english not my native language) and breakfast skipping it to something between afternoon lunch and dinner, and things got worse but doable, had alot of diarrhea that only passed with imodium. Now I started having a normal diet and I have extreme stomach aches, nausea, sometimes diarrhea. The stomach aches go hand in hand with the nausea and they last for a long time, even now its 19:25 GMT here, I ate at 13:00 GMT and I'm still suffering with some stomach aches.

To sum this up:
12-13 years
   Possible Causes:
   - Eating any dairy products (milk, cheese, etc)

- Nausea
- Diarrhea
- Bubbles (Zits) around the mouth and nose area
- Intestinal pain

20-23 years
   Possible Causes:
   - Bad diet and skipping some meals.
- Nausea
- Small percentage of Diarrhea
- Intestinal Pain
- Stomach Aches
- Some zits

24-25 years
   Possible Causes:
   - Bad Diet and skipping meals
   - Regaining healthy diet habits
- Nausea
- Diarrhea (depending on the food).
- Intestinal Pain (not constant, but mainly after meals).
- Stomach Ache (not constant, but mainly after meals and sometimes way later).
- Feeling full even after eating small amounts of food.
- Constant sounds on the intestines from inside (sound like being hungry).
- Zits (if I eat a tablet of chocolate)

My diet now consists or eating more white meat and fish than red meat, although in weekends I usually eat fast food since Its impossible for me to make food. Other things I might add is that I work alot and don't sleep much, although sometimes I can sleep over 10-16 hours.

I don't know if this helps, but if anyone got these symptoms and or/had the same problem please tell me about your way to deal with it and if you went to the physician what was did the physician said


sounds like youre having a hard time digesting stuff in your intestines.  have you ever heard of crohn's disease? you should check that out, its a disease caracterised by gluten intolerance in an intestine. maybe ulcers? check it out, its worth it to see if thats whats causing your pain.  my thoughts are with you.