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I downloaded your Abs workouts app and this is my second week of exercising, but I'm having one big issue: I'm diabetic and I'm not sure how to adjust suggested nutritional plans to my meals. I mean, most foods are already the ones I eat, but in smaller quantities so I was wondering will that have other impacts on my workout plan?

Also, if anyone using the app could answer me - how is your progress going?


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Hey Stacy! 

I assume you're type 2?

As you said -  most foods are the ones you already eat - so keep doing what you do. If you are used to smaller portions than suggested - absolutely no big deal. Just stick to your good habits which should have only positive influence on your workout results. 

Diabetics should eat smaller portions, but at least 5 (smaller) meals, so this type of nutrition plan is perfect for you.

One of our article auhtors - Olivia Maloy - is already 7 weeks on the plan - she is vegetarian and she made some corrections to the diet (she obvioulsy cannot eat meat) - and she will publish a review and her view on Abs workout app - as far as I know she is satisfied with the results :) 

Let us know how you're doing and if you have any questions, let us know!