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I'm a 15 year old male and I have a lot of dandruff. But that's not even close to the start of the problem. I used to use Head and Shoulders every day because if I didn't, then my scalp would feel crusty/oily the next day. Now what is happening is that by the end of the day (when I shower in the morning), my scalp is already dried up and I can feel the dandruff starting to come in. The next day, in the morning, the dandruff is back again, and my scalp feels terrible, so I use Head and Shoulders.

Now this is where the real problem starts. When I put shampoo, my scalp is just completely dried up. However, when I don't shampoo, there are oily flakes in my hair, and my scalp feels very oily. This is extremely uncomfortable and I hate it when people touch my hair.

The biggest problem: recently I've been losing a lot of hair. I can see a significant amount of hair on my pillow, and when I shower I lose a lot of hair. The hair has a white thing at the end, and I'm 90% sure it's hair loss. If I pull on it, sometimes no hair comes out, sometimes 1 will come out, and sometimes 2 will come out.

What should I do? I feel hopeless. The only time my hair isn't falling out is when I put the shampoo, which doesn't last long at all. My diet is healthy, I drink plenty of water, and I exercise.

Any help is appreciated.


Also, after a while my scalp starts to itch, but not too much.