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I have an idea I would like to share to other diabetics.  How do you think eating nuts daily could help control type 2 diabetes?   Well, I am living proof that you can.  I have been eating nuts for over a year and my blood sugars have been great!  I do not have any highs or lows and I have lost 30 pounds eating macadamia nuts, cashews, pistachios, and other nuts.  I don't eat much meat and I have very little bread products.  My main "course" is eating a variety of nuts and I feel fantastic!  I think it is more natural for our bodies to eat these then eating meat and processed things like bread.  Think about our ancestors and how they foraged for food and nuts and berries were the things available to them to eat.  This is the way everyone should be eating, I believe.  Has anyone else tried this way of eating and succeeded in reaching a healthier state?  I would love to hear your stories!


Hello, Guest.  While I think nuts have a great number of things that are good about them, I don't believe they control blood sugar.  You are eating nuts as your primary source of protein, from what I gather, and you have lost weight as well.  The weight loss is perhaps the thing that has helped you regulate your sugars.  It has been studied that diabetics who lose even as little as 10 pounds will have much better blood glucose readings then if they don't lose weight at all.  I would worry that you may not be getting your complete amino acid intake with the nuts.  Meat helps fill this void in our amino acid requirements.  You may want to eat fish or poultry to meet this need. 

Has anyone else been on a diet with a high intake of nuts?