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This started about 4 weeks back it first started on my left inner thigh, the skin there became white and powdery when I rubbed it and it was a little itchy then it spreaded to my right thigh them the skin on the right and left side on my testicle started to dry and curl up in segments and then started to fall in flakes, I couldnt stop rubbing them to get them off so like for the first and second week the skin on my testicle regenerated but now the skin on the left bottom side has not regenerated and some skin under some flakes that I rubbed off has not regenerated. I let some skin to flake off its self and the skin under it regenerated and some skin that I rubbed off from my theigh has also not regenerated and the ungenerated skin on the bottom left side of my testicle has some flakes which are soft white and wet, I dont know why but that place is now always a little wet and when ever I take my underwear off like after college it is wet from that part(it is not sweat) What is this and how do I get rid of it, I havent consulted a doctor yet I'm gonna turn 18 in a week and I am a virgin and have never masturbated if that helps


Hello randr,

It sounds like you have a case of jock itch.  This is a fungal infection and is very common.  It affects the skin and grows on dead skin cells like any other fungus.  Go to the phamarcy and get some anti-fungal cream.  There are many of them and some of them are expensive and the generics are of course cheaper.  If you're not sure which one to buy for jock itch talk with the pharmacist.  Lotrimin is one that is very good but there are others.  Try not to scatch and touch another part of your body because you can spread the fungus.  this is really very similar to athletes foot.  Apply the cream according to instructions and you should be fine in about week or so.