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My name is Anna B. Oncu.I was a patient of Dr. Phillip Miller 03-16-2010. I had a Rhinoplasty.
Dr. Phillip Miller worth every penny spend on the surgery. I met six other plastic surgeons and was not impress w/any of these so called" masters".Finally I came across Dr. Phillip Miller's web site. I gues seven is my lucky number. I immediately look at before and after photos.He likes to customize each nose for every patient. I also saw revision surgery before and after photos. The secondary nose job surgery always more difficult and requires more expertise than first rhinoplasty surgery. He corrects some other doctors mistakes.
Next day, I called Dr. Phillip Miller's office. When I met Dr. Miller I was impress with his recomendations and profesional manner.He examine the inside of my nose, the quality of my skin, shape of my nose and the relationship of my nose to my facial features. My first impression of him; he is very smart, experienced and very serious about his work! And YES I bet my money on him and schedule my surgery same day. To say that I was very nervous about surgey and I underestimated this people at first.. Dr. Phillip Miller , nurses, assistants and office manager were all very accommodating to my needs.
Dr. Miller has a accredited operating room and works with board certified anesthesiologist.Which made me feel safe.Dr. Garland is board cerified anesthesiologist works with Dr. Miller for 17 years. I wake up as if I was sleeping . I been tald I may get sore throat because of that inner tube they stick in your mouth, NOT ME! I just had a dry mouth. That's all.. So, Dr. Miller's anesthesiologist superb.

My recovery was quick and painless, I mean no pain at all.. I did not have to use any pain medications. I was breathing through my nose from the first day, never had any nose bleeding.I was very comfortable. This tells me a lot about Dr. Miller's experties and gentle hand.He is a great surgen.I had some brusing and swelling under my eyes, which was expected, and gone 7- to 10 days.
I was very happy when I saw the first result after my cast off. He changed my nose without changing my face.It's not over done very natural in balance with my facial features.Beautiful!I like the shape very much. I have tick skin type so it may take a while untill all the swelling goes down, but it gets better every moment.

I belive Dr. Phillip Miller would make everybody happy. I speak very highly about him because I am very pleased with over all experience.I felt complitely comfortable trusting him with my face. In everyway possible they all made me confortable; the stuff, the nurses.. I really didn't think It was going to be that easy.

I had a amazing experience. I just feel very confident recommending Dr. Phillip Miller and his place, the best place to go and get something done.. He is a master!

This is my experience. I hope it helps someone..

P.s .. You could also see my before and after photos in Dr. Miller's office..



this review sounds SOOOOOOOOO FAKE. But i have to agree that Dr. Garland is great at what he does :)