I am planning to get a nose job for the first time. I want to make sure I chose the right doctor that I would never have to think about revising my nose. I am 18 years old .. I dont want to look into plastic surgery ever again. I was highly recommended Dr. Tabbal from another plastic suregon. I went already to a consulation at Dr. tabbals office and he seems very proffesional but I felt that Dr. Tabbal was too blunt with the details of the surgery and I did not feel like I got the 100% background considering this is my first time doing plastic surgery. Other than that, I felt like he wants to do what he thinks is best which I know I can trust but I still felt like he did not listen and consider what I want. I also read really bad reviews about him which is odd considering he is one of the best doctors in NY.? 

Still he said my surgery is complicated and even if I dont chose him I should make sure I go to someone experienced and highly professional. My best friend went to Dr. Phillip Miller and she really liked him. He also has great reviews all over the internet. I would love to hear from clients who know either doctors and their experience with them. 

Thank you