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Hi there, My name is Jose.
I'm 17 years old, I recently had anal sex with my partner. So after we did about two time none stop i had some pain in my testicles. Which I went to the doctor and it was was just that my testis were swollen. Thank god that’s gone now. But then that’s no the problem. Yesterday I was in the doctor and they did this scan in my testis, so they used this machine that is able to see inside their. But before they do that they add some **cream** to you balls. That cream is like a clear jelly like, very cold that it gets rubbed in order for they to see what’s in side. but then the whole process went fine. I got home about 3 hrs later I stared to get irritated. my FORESKIN got all red, swollen and itchy!

This morning I woke up and like I still have this itchy ,red, swollen foreskin.
I think is an ALLERGIC reaction do to the fact of the CREAM they did the scan with, yesterday. I did some re-search but nothing to calm my nerves down. SO PLS if you have had this same situation PLS get back to me!.

Remember is a swollen, reddish color, itchy, irritated pain that is my foreskin.

Let me know what’s happening.
Much thanx,
-Jose 8-|


Are you sure your foreskin got irritated by this gel the docs put on your testicles? Well, was this gel in contact with your skin as it was applied to your testicles only? Maybe it hasn’t got anything to do with it. I would say it got irritated due to the sex with your partner. Have you noticed anything strange on your penis? Is it just the foreskin that is red and swollen or it affected your penis as well?
You should talk to your dermatologist, maybe you have some kind of STD such as thrush, the symptoms you have the most look like this. Do you now have difficulties pulling back your foreskin now when it’s irritated? And do you have the problems urinating? If you have the thick discharge under the foreskin, I could bet you have thrush. You watch out on your hygiene, this is the most important here. Meanwhile, don’t forget to see your doctor!!