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Whenever I masturbate, I almost immediately ejaculate. After I ejaculate,I feel no desire to continue. THat is a problem only because I feel no pleasure before ejaculating, or during. and a LOT comes out during my ejaculations. Soaks my bed and also has an odd smell. Not really that of urine, but...odd (And I always urinate before masturbating)
Also, It feels like my g-spot is much lower than it should be...Right up near the entrance.

Is there anything I can do?


It is normal, because you feel the maximum pleasure before you cum, afterwards your calorie may feel little bit sensitive, to overcome this problem, you may try to cum together with you partner
another thing you should not worry about is the oder, first time happen to me I was really impressed, I felt may be I lost control over my bladder and done on my self, but however felt good a time. latter I came to know that female ejaculation contains 5% of urine and very one have it is total norma. just try to enjoy your =self, and stop worrying, you may cover the mattress with easy wash sheet- and wash it next boring- believe me it is worthwhile to enjoy whatever makes you happy on sex.