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Hi, I'm 17 and I was just looking in the mirror at my lips, because they had been really badly chapped two weeks before. I bought some kind of chap stick, and it worked really well... no more chapped lips. However I noticed today that I now have little white bumps on my upper lip. I've never noticed them before, and I was wondering if you could get these bumps from using too much chap stick perhaps. If anyone could answer that would an uber great help!! Thanks!


Hi, many people are experiencing the same problems you are. Fordyce spots are usually congenital and they can appear later in life. Those white spots is basically trapped oil that cant get out. There are many different ways to try to cure it and it it curable. I found a thread that explains how to cure it and what people have tried and what has worked and what has not. Here is the link to that topic (steadyhealth).