This trend has already been present in Australia and the statistics say that this move increased the number of calls to the Quitline by 170%.
New Zealand’s government has also approved the plan. It includes placing more graphic pictures to replace the current text warnings on cigarette packets. The pictures would include diseased lungs, gangrenous toes and rotting gums and teeth.

Cigarettes packets from Australia are indeed so nasty that they do make you think.

Shocking the smokers as well as those who are thinking of trying is the whole idea of the whole project making them see and realize what smoking does to our health and appearance.

Besides the graphic images, cigarette packets will contain the free quitline phone number and other information about quitting smoking so that people could take the next step once they realize they should quit.

Oversees examples show that people try to rip the images or stockpiles the old cigarettes packets and place their cigarettes in old packets so they would avoid looking at the offending images.