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Hi everyone. I am 18 yo and is uncircumcised. I used to not care about this until months ago. alright I gonna write quite few paragraphs here. I hope it helps. ah also there will probably a lot of typos and random dots as.I am writing it via my phone.

So, I realized that I couldnt retract my foreskin. And I started to get slightly panicked after I saw white stuff that we call smegma. I have surfed through load of websites and the only way to retract is to retract it slowly.

Now, I will share you how it for me.

There are.two ways.

First, you can do this while watching some porn. Yes.yours will be fully erect. what you got to do is to wrap your penis with your hand and start pulling it down (as you are, but you dont go back and forward. you simply going back or down so the head will emerge). I MIND YOU TO DO THIS VERY VERY SLOWLY. keep pulling it downwards until you start feeling pain. once you feel pain, stop pulling it down, and hold it for couple minutes (dont release it). once the pain gone start pulling it again SLOWLY. Keep doing this for like 10minutes EVERY DAY OR NIGHT. Sometimes you may feel itchy on your foreskin. This.I assume you have done it too far thus your foreskin is irritated. Dont worry and panick. if this happen, just stop and go sleep. have done this, you will likely notice that there are slimy liquid on your tip. that is the so called smegma. or soon to be smegma. this is not sperm. anyways just go to bathroom and wash it off. Keep doing this.everyday. and you will likely to see somevimprovement on day 5to 6. This.menthod will take weeks or maybe.months to get yours fully retract. 

method number two.

This is byfar easier than first. but probably it gets easier since ive done method number 1 for couple weeks.

It requires a bathtub (is it the correct word?). or anything so your below water. so fill your tub of choice with warm water. not cold. it has to be warm since it helps. your muscle to somewhat relax and allows you to retract it easier. how to do it is the same as number one. minus the porn. so you are not erected. you can also masturbate after doing this for 10minutes. i remind you to do it every day. this method shall work faster than first. but again, i cant guarantee since.i did number one before number two.

Now you might ask "my head hurts.when i touch it." Yes. it will be hurt. I mean come on. They have been hiding before you start telling them to go out. It's like vampire gets sunshined (what a word :b). But dont worry. if you are.doing.number two. just slightly touch it bit by bit while you are slowly it will soon adapt to be "being naked" and will not hurt. 

then you may as well ask, "what is this white cheesy creamy thing on the glan or below my foreskin?" this is what we so called smegma. it may be dangerous and not dangerous. it does smell a lot as people have been saying here. to remove them simply shower it. if it is new (as in it is not far from the tip) it will fall off real fast. however if rhey are deep down.or far from the tip. It will not fall off as easy as before. It it stucks and buried itself to your head. well it doesnt, it just gets sticky to each other (like two eraser stays for weeks sticky hard to showering it might be hard and painful. touching it will also be painful. my best way to remove it is while you are doing method 2. when you retract it and start seeing smegmas. start shaking your penis with youe hand. it will fall  off eventually. you can also touch bit by bit to less sensitive so aoon you couls touch it and rub those smegma off. you might not be able to clean it in your first try. so take your time.

I have been doing this for around 3 weeks. but I sometime skips a day or two. so i am taking my time. mine is not fully retracted yet. but it progresses much faster when I do method two. 

Another to use a.dedicated tool. It will blow air to a balloon and therefore making a space. this helps people with an extremely tight foreskin. otherwiae you can proceed with my methods or any can find on google. I dont try this looks painful to me and I am a very scaredy cat. so it is a big no no

last.method is to circumcise. dont ask me if it is painful. but you can get local anesthetic. or even full anesthetic (much expensive and.probably only hospital that will let you have full anesthetic.

if you have anymore, please ask me. I will try to as much asi can. Cheers and happyvretracting :b


i'm 21 & i keeping my foreskin retracted. But i want to know how much time it"ll take to get fully retraction? Yeah, this way is useful because i can see my foreskin partially retracted by now. Though it still,doesn't retract automatically when erected, i've to do it manually by hand. So, will this process be useful?