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Hi. Today I went swimming, for the first time this year. When I got back home, I've noticed that my hair is very dry and brittle. I used conditioning mask, but that obviously didn't help. My hair still look dry and like it need clarifying. Does anyone here have a suggestion for a good shampoo, conditioner or good conditioning mask that doesn't dry out your hair further?


Hi. First you have to learn that you should protect your hair against chlorine before swimming, not just after. The easiest way to do this is to wet your hair thoroughly before you go swimming. Wet hair acts lik saturated sponge and it absorbs less chlorine and sea salt than dry hair does. You may also apply conditioner or olive oil (or even coconut oil) all over your hair before swimming, because they create a barrier between your hair and water keeping chlorine and other chemicals away. DO NOT use shampoo before going into the water because shampoo may strip the hair of its natural oils. Natual oils also act like a barrier between your hair and chlorine.You should consider wearing swiming cap while in water. It may be useful protective layer.Wash your hair thoroughly after swimming to remove every single trace of chlorine from your hair. You can wash your hair ore than once. Apply the condition again. It will help you to restore the moisture. Old homemade trick is rinsing your hair with vinegar to restore the pH balance. Also, don't use blow dryer because it might damage your hair.