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how can i decrease my Breast size ?


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I too have a large breast. 34f
I use to hide it under baggy clothes. But now im showing it off more.
You can buy bras that minimise u.

Why do you want to do this?

If its causing you a health problem then your doctor can help. An if need be you can have a reduction.

I went out on Sat night with quite a revealing top on. All my work mates were amazed, an said how lovely i looked.

Im just saying be proud of them honey :-)


Hi there,
I know that many women who have problems with big breasts go for breast reduction surgery. What size are your breasts? Are you experiencing any back pain? Back pain is often associated from big breasts. Now the surgery for reducing the size of the breast is not that uncommon and many women decide to do this. The thing is that you will get better looking body without any problems or pain in back. Considering the size of the breast doctor will decide how much do you need to reduce your breasts. You have to have a consultation before the surgery.
Have you tried to do any exercises that might help with reduction?
I hope this helped a bit.