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I'm 14 female nd tried a few techniques but can't make myself cum.. can anyone give me any ideas to help?


Go and turn on your faucet head in your shower/bath. if you dont have a bathtub faucet use your shower head. at first put the shower/faucet pressure on slow. you will become extremly turned on. this is similar to the feeling of being licked out. speed up the water pressure but not too hard. if it is too hard i have heard of girls bruising their vaginas. Then whilst the water is hitting your clit you will have the sensation to go inside. take your fingers and finger yourself. this will feel soo good and you will want to go faster. keep going. then after you might feel your legs begin to shake. stop the water and continue fingering. your muscles inside your vagina will clench and you can move it in an in-and-out motion. keep your fingers inside while doing this. keep going. it will feel so good and you should cum shortly after this feeling. Hope this helps!